Your Show Needs a Sequel

The secret to success is getting listeners to come back to your show. Serial content gives listeners a specific reason to continue listening in the moment or to revisit your show tomorrow. The most successful shows attract listeners between three and four days per week on average. Jeff McHugh makes the case for serial content, and […]



Do you notice yourself becoming angry when you watch politicians yelling angrily at each other? Monkey see, monkey do. Neuroscience proves that human beings mirror each other’s thoughts and emotions. Whether you are a podcast host or a presenter at a podium, your tone, body language and choice of words instantly affect the mood and […]


How to Make Voice-Tracking Sound Live

It’s hard to duplicate the authenticity and the energy of a live mike. We talked to syndicated host Zach Sang, KUPL Portland Program Director/Afternoon Host, MoJoe Roberts, and drew from our own voice-tracking experience. The same principles that serve you live, apply to voice-tracking. The perfect recipe for sounding mechanical and canned is to use […]


Three Trends to Watch: August 2017

When there are cultural shifts, it is important to emphasize different aspects of your character and content. The news cycle online and on television impacts your radio and podcast audience. Jeff McHugh outlines three key trends that can affect your content and your character. – Randy Steve Jobs: “There’s an old Wayne Gretzky quote that I love. […]

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