Marketing Life Cycles

All brands go through four distinct marketing life cycles, according to Theodore Levitt, a Harvard Economics professor and editor of the Harvard Business Review. He identified the stages of modern marketing cycles. There are different priorities to address in each stage, although some will overlap. Let’s look at the all-important Stage One: the new brand. […]


The 7 Rules of Winning Newscasts

Listeners on music stations not only accept interaction and commentary during news reports, they prefer it. Even on news talk morning shows, round robin news segments. like you see on CNN, score big ratings. Jeff McHugh breaks it down. Across the US, Mexico and Canada, radio shows use a wide variety of news. Some air […]


Deliver News with Your Point of View

It was April 1956 at WBT Charlotte. Robert D. Raiford reported that racists attacked singer Nat King Cole in Birmingham. Raiford added his opinion to the story, strongly condemning hate crime. WBT fired Raiford for his point of view. He went on to gain respect as a journalist at places like CBS News and WTOP […]


Is Your Show Working Too Hard?

Happy Holidays from all of us at The Randy Lane Company! Wishing each of you a season full of warmth, love, and exciting new adventures for 2017. Randy “The morning show gets paid twice as much money as anyone in the sales department, and they’re only working 25 hours a week!!” We frequently run across […]


When Your Fans Hate You

Dedicated Star Wars geeks will be camping out at the theater to see Rogue One this week. Those first-in-line super-fans will be the ones tweeting about what is wrong with the film the moment they leave the theater. They will also be first in line for Star Wars: Episode VII next year. You want fans […]


The KVJ Interview: Part Three

What’s working on the  KVJ Show? Brain parking, podcast content, and KVJ TV. Randy The KVJ Interview: Part Three Randy- Take us through your daily show-planning process. Kevin – Virginia and Jason send me ideas. Virginia will send me things happening in her life, relationship stuff, being a mom, etc. Throughout the day, I’m constantly […]

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