The Seven Deadly Sins That Will Get You Fired

In the competitive short-term revenue world that rules media today, it is much easier to get fired. When a performer has ratings and is generating revenue, corporations are more forgiving. When they are marginal, there are at least seven actions that could get you fired. Jeff McHugh outlines seven deadly ones. -Randy As a lifelong fan […]


The Secret of War of the Roses

Storytelling, drama, and conflict related to an important incident creates killer content. A great example is War Of The Roses. War Of The Roses is a common multiple-segment benchmark on numerous shows around the country. It involves a caller who suspects that their significant other is unfaithful. After hearing the caller’s story in the first […]


Laid Off? Here’s What’s Next

It occurred to me that broadcasters today have more in common with movie actors than ever before. You tell stories, you emote, you create characters, and you dramatize. You also frequently experience long periods between jobs. Look up your favorite actors on IMDB and note the gaps between films. Broadcasters in 2017 are sort of […]


Jimmy Kimmel’s Viral Video

Recently, Jimmy Kimmel took his audience on a captivating personal journey of the birth of his son, Billy, and Billy’s emergency heart surgery. At the beginning of his monologue, Jimmy grabbed viewer’s attention by sharing that he was going to reveal a scary story, but not to worry, it had a happy ending. Jimmy shared […]


Four Ways to App-Proof Your Show

When I was a deejay at WWDM Columbia, back in the ’80’s, I could start the day telling listeners to “tune in for the new Michael Jackson song today at noon,” and they would. Today, there’s an app for that.  Listeners have new music on their devices before it’s on radio. The same goes for […]

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