Charity: Are You Doing It Wrong?

The upcoming holiday season brings many opportunities for your show to give back to the community through coat drives, toy drives, donation drives and radio-thons. But PPM data proves that the airtime dedicated to your show’s good deeds can sometimes repel listeners from your station. Ask any non-commercial station what happens to their ratings during […]


The Five Keys to Likability

Personal brands are created by building a trust relationship with your clients and customers. People choose your brand because they know you, they like you and they trust you. No relationship with clients means you’re a commodity and you are perceived to be like all the rest in your field. Then people will choose you […]


Action Is The Key To Killer Content

In college, I once got a D on a story writing assignment. My paper included detail on my main character, a Julliard music student, burned-out on violin practice, critical parents, etc. The professor handed it back and asked, But, what is she going do? Action is the key to storytelling. No action = no story. Every […]


Dave Ryan, Off-Mic – Part 4

Dave shares his thoughts on the future of AM/FM radio, podcasting, and begins with a story about how content ideas from his show take on a viral life of their own. DR: We came up with a bit about a young, attractive woman getting picked on for wearing a tiny dress to a wedding. We […]


Dave Ryan, Off Mic: Part Two

Dave Ryan reveals what type of content drives his show’s ratings success, and the value of serial content. Randy Randy: It’s called “The Dave Ryan Show,” but how did you arrive at your strategy of highlighting an ensemble cast? DR: I don’t care if someone has a bigger part of the show than me. As […]


Dave Ryan, Off- Mic: Part1

Dave Ryan in the Morning has been one of the highest rated morning shows in North America for more than two decades. Dave’s show has outpaced KDWB Minneapolis by more than 20% since the inception of PPM. Dave shares his insights on how his quirky cast is characterized, and how they’ve helped keep the show […]

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