Is New Media Killing Old Media?

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SETUP: Have you ever pissed off your spouse so much that he/she puts you in time out?

Preston and Steve at WMMR discovered that many Philadelphians get grounded, and some deserve it!

  • My wife gets home later, so I’m responsible for the kids. We went to the playground and came home muddy. Plus, they didn’t get their homework done. It was my poker night, but as I went to leave my wife grounded me, and I couldn’t go.
  • I got hammered at a Flyers game and flashed my shoulders. A guy hit on me, and I flirted back. Husband and I didn’t speak for four days. He grounded me from ever showing shoulders again!

Hear more great stories from Preston and Steve in this clip from their Fun Size Podcast.


SETUP: Instead of a forgettable designated caller/text game for concert tickets, create a challenge based on the music.

Kevin and Bean at KROQ challenged Los Angeles listeners to guess if the following names were from an old Twilight Zone TV show episode or a band from the Warped Tour – or both!

  • One for the Angels (Twilight Zone)
  • One Minute of Silence (Twilight Zone)
  • The Receiving End of Sirens (Band)
  • Stick To Your Guns (Band)
  • Sing the Body Electric (BOTH!)
  • I Wrestled a Bear Once (Band)

Be creative with the band names and song titles with your next concert ticket giveaway and create a similar game.


SETUP: Finish this sentence… “My ex is so dumb he/she (blank)!”

Ace and TJ had fun asking listeners to share what their ex did to qualify for being a bit of a dim bulb.

  • He bought a five hundred dollar saddle and he didn’t have a horse.
  • She thought Germany was an island.
  • He called my mom’s house and told my sister to call 911 because his car was on fire.
  • When we were going to marriage counseling after we had our first child, he told our pastor that God gave women breasts to pleasure men  and NOT to feed our child.


SETUP: It seems like everybody is allergic to pollen this time of year, but what strange thing are you allergic to?

Bud and Broadway found some unusual allergies in St Louis when they brought this question to the WIL morning show, including:

  • Broadway claims he is allergic to coffee.
  • Kelly is allergic to dish soap (can’t do the dishes).
  • A child who had 1/10th of a hazelnut and went into shock.
  • Baby oil
  • Fiberglass

 Hear the segment from Bud and Broadway here.



Many radio and podcast shows are discussing the “Final Four” as a relevant current topic. But be careful not to assume that “everyone” is watching it. Consider these numbers.

In TV ratings, the 2018 NCAA tournament averaged 10 million viewers per game. To put that in perspective, the most recent episode of CBS’s NCIS pulled 12 million viewers. Also, TV ratings for the Final Four last year were the lowest since 2009.

Last year’s championship game with Villanova and Michigan scored 16 million viewers, which is about half the viewership of the 2019 Academy Awards with 30 million.

16 million may seem like a lot, but remember there are 327 million people in the US. That means less than 5% watched the big game.

With audiences splintering between cable, streaming and broadcast, always assume that anything on television is a niche topic.  Succinctly explain the action, the teams and the players as if you are speaking to someone who doesn’t watch basketball.

And to reach those who do not care about basketball, tell stories about the players and teams.

Listen to this segment with NPR’s Tom Goldman, who drops an amazing story about how a scout discovered one of the biggest basketball stars in the tournament when he left a high school basketball game to search for the concession stand.



Online privacy is a growing concern, and this web browser looks and performs like Google Chrome while protecting you from hackers, trackers and bad actors.


Personality brands are and will continue to be the great attractor and differentiator.


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