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SETUP: Share a past moment that you can look back on and say “yeah, that was crazy.”

Ace and TJ are expert purveyors of crazy and targeted this topic for their mostly female audience.

  • I punched a lady for cutting in line at Busch Gardens. They give you free beer tours, and I was kinda hammered.
  • My ex wouldn’t answer his phone for a few hours. I broke into his house and investigated. Turns out he had a live-in girlfriend. It wasn’t his house either…it was hers.
  • When I was 19 and my ex husband was in the military, we were fighting over the phone and he hung up on me. So I hopped in my car and drove all night from Alabama to Missouri and showed up at his roll call the next morning.

Alternate setup: Of course, this problem will work equally with male audiences.


SETUPLouder asked a bunch of rock stars what song they lost their virginity to, and got great stories along with each song.

Preston and Steve at WMMR Philadelphia did a segment including these stories:

  • Corey Taylor of Slipnot: “Depeche Mode live album –because the girl was really into them, but that moment made me a big fan!”
  • Jacobi Shaddox of Papa Roach: “Kick by INXS. It was a horrible experience, I was 16 and my mom walked in. I didn’t get to finish. Mom made me walk her to the door.”
  • Nikki Sixx of Motley Crew: “Seals and Croft’s Summer Breeze…unfortunately. We were waiting on her mom to bake cookies, and I was so fast the timing worked out perfectly.”
  • Preston admitted that he could hear his friend Paul playing Journey Don’t Stop Believing on the piano in the living room as he put first points on the scoreboard.

 Enjoy the full segment from Preston and Steve here.


SETUP: For a new twist on dumbass news stories, invite a lawyer to the studio to judge if the stupidity is actionable in court.

Two Guys Named Chris bring in a local attorney each week and she weighs in on the laws involving stories like this:

A firefighter sat on the toilet and felt an explosion beneath him. He began bleeding from his testicles and learned that a coworker put a small “bang snap” firework under the toilet seat.

The firefighter missed work a couple weeks and now he wants damages from the fire department and wants the prankster to pay up.

Lawyer’s opinion: he’s entitled to worker’s comp but not damages because of the lack of intent to do physical harm.

Enjoy Lawyer Up from Two Guys Named Chris here.

Alternate Setup: Drake in the Morning at Max 98.1 Memphis has a popular weekly feature with Lawyer Bill. Bill answers real legal questions from callers.


SETUP: Computers, mobile devices and gadgets can be frustrating to the point of their destruction.

In West Palm Beach, WRMF’s KVJ Show shared a study indicating that 15% of people have gotten so angry with a gadget that they destroyed it.

  • Kevin Rolston pleaded guilty to serious tech-hate crimes including the time he got so mad he bit his phone.
  • Jason Pennington became frustrated with his phone and punched his steering wheel, causing the horn to blow non-stop.
  • It’s not just a male problem: A listener named Tomika admitted to breaking 4 phones by throwing them.

Enjoy in-studio video of the segment from Kevin, Virginia and Jason here.



Positive, uplifting story benchmarks started with AC and Christian stations, and quickly spread to CHR and Urban. Now even rough and tough male-leaning rock shows are doing “good news” features.

In the last two years, American audiences have become fatigued with negative rhetoric from Washington. In reaction, there is a strong demand for heart-warming stories that reaffirm compassion, empathy and care for one’s fellow beings.

Good news benchmarks are big hits for newspapers, like The Optimist in The Washington Post and Inspired at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Good news is a home run on television, like in this regular feature on NBC’s Today and on online sites like Huffington Post.

If you are not doing a positive news benchmark, we urge you to consider capturing that brand for your show before your competitor does.



You can get in trouble with the FCC by airing someone in a prank call without their consent. But pranking a live radio show and recording their over-the-air reaction is a different matter.

The Howard Stern Show collected clips from President Donald Trump a few years ago when he was liberal and Democrat, saying things like, “Hillary Clinton is a great woman,” and “I’m very pro choice.”

Then Howard Show staffers called a conservative talk radio show and had “Donnie” engage in conversation.

Here’s how it went down on The Howard Stern Show.



Instead of taping over your computer camera lens to foil hackers who might be spying on you, this app alerts when someone accesses your mic and webcam.


Develop and highlight talent as the face of your brand.


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