About Dave Ryan

Need new content for your morning show? Want to better connect with your listeners to build loyalty and increase ratings? Do what the radio industry has done for nearly 30 years, and ask Dave Ryan.

Dave Ryan is well-known as one of our industry’s most creative talents, cranking out original features (The One That Got Away, Battle of the Sexes, Mile of Meat and hundreds more), bits and contests that have been used in all 50 states and around the world.

In addition to generating content, Dave has taught many on-air personalities how to truly connect with their audience. “It’s simple,” says Dave. “I talk to our audience the way they wish people would talk to them. Too many radio hosts talk the way they want to talk, and they miss the opportunity to make that connection.”

And it’s more than just how he speaks, it’s about relating. According to Dave, “The days of trying to sound cool or sexy on the radio are gone. Listeners want to hear about your life, warts and all. If you can show them you have a lot in common, that’s planting the seeds of loyalty that truly builds an audience.”

Minneapolis’ loyalty to Dave is unmistakable. He’s been doing mornings at KDWB since 1993 and his ratings are higher than ever. Being number one in most key demographics, especially women, is no accident. “It’s hard work, but I love it. I’ve been relating to a female audience my entire career, so it’s like I have years of experience as a 30-year-old woman. Wait. That didn’t sound right.”

In addition to on-air content, Dave’s website, daveryanshow.com perfectly matches the personality and energy of his morning show with exclusive and original content created just for the website, pulling in a remarkable number of page views every day.

A popular guest on morning show panels, Dave also has also written the popular “Time and Temp” column for “Morning Mouth Magazine for well over 10 years. He also coaches business leaders on effective communication and speaking. “So much of what I’ve learned doing radio is applicable to all communications. If you can capture and hold their interest, and be aware of when that interest peaks and wanes, you really can’t help but win.”

Dave coaches and advises many shows throughout the industry. “Seriously, I love helping people. If I get a call from a kid who just graduated high school and wants to get into radio, I help him. And I love getting calls from jocks in major markets who say, ‘Dave, I saw that bit on your website. Can you tell me how to make it work here?’”

The importance of a life outside radio isn’t lost on Dave, who also runs marathons, is a pilot, snowboards, is a Life Member of MENSA and has a wife and four kids. “And one too many pets,” adds Dave.

What Others Say About Dave

  • “He was the guy I listened to and said ‘Man, how does this show sound SO awesome, every single day? I just want to know where this stuff comes from!’ Besides being one of the most creative and talented (and creatively talented) morning men there is, Dave is also a great teacher. He’s got a way of teaching you in a non-teacher, non-preacher sort of way. Dave’s show is original, engaging, addicting, and it always leaves you wanting more – and if you MISS a show… you’ve missed out. You’d think a guy like that would want to keep his secrets; that couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s quite willing to share EVERYTHING (is he nuts?) with people (*fanboys like myself) who he barely knows. Being a young guy, hosting my first morning show I can tell you that Dave’s advice has put me weeks and months ahead of where we would have been had we tried to figure it out. You don’t run across many Dave’s in a lifetime… you won’t find Dave’s knowledge anywhere else. He’s helped myself and my show immensely.”

    Adam Wylde
    Adam Wylde The Virgin Morning Show, 98.5 Virgin/Calgary, Canadian Top 20 & Edison’s Top 30 Under 30
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