What a Character!

Remarkable characters are central to the success of every great radio show, podcast, and television show. Content-based shows typically achieve success quicker, yet they tend to decline in the long run due to the lack of human connection with listeners. Character-based shows get off the ground more slowly, although they create long-term listener loyalty and […]

Elevate Your Star Power

In an email conversation this week, my friend and Jockline Daily and Morning Show Boot Camp creator, Don Anthony, and I mused over this question: Why do morning shows like BJ & Migs, Dave Ryan, and Toucher & Rich’s star power rise much higher than others? Don noted that these shows are often spotlighted in local newspapers, magazines, and television. He shared that “it’s [...]


How to Talk Dirty

Almost no topic is off-limits in 2021, and talk involving relationships — dating, one-night stands, infidelity, sex — is hot in most radio format and podcast genres. How you talk about certain topics – the FCC defines them as “sexual and excretory functions” – can either make your show more compelling or generate complaints from the audience, advertisers, […]


A Tribute to the Bert Show

The Bert Show celebrates 20 years this week. Bert Weiss and his cast continue to attract top morning ratings with females in their Atlanta home base and in 25 syndicated markets, including Kansas City, New Orleans, and Nashville. The show’s podcast generates more than 5 million downloads monthly. In the fall of 2000, RLC staged a […]


Let’s Get Personal

In the heart of the pandemic, I wrote an article about the need to increase brand loyalty. Loyalty continues to be the crucial component to keep your brand thriving as we are hopefully moving toward some semblance of normal. Radio must still address the ongoing cultural changes and concerns. The audience continues to be in flux […]


Interview Insights From Oprah

We’ve been flooded with coverage of the Meghan and Harry bombshell interview. However, there’s much to be learned from Oprah’s masterful interview skills. Pre- and post-teasing CBS managed to hype the interview with teases that created attention and mystery without giving away the stunning reveals. Oprah increased the audience past the 17.1 million TV broadcast […]


Unleash Your Creativity

If you want to increase your creative content, your character, and your ratings, start journaling. This simple practice will help non-creative types to bring out their creativity and assist creative people to generate more innovative ideas. If you’re a radio or podcast performer, journaling not only gets you in touch with your ideas, but also taps […]


The Trouble With Trending

You often hear radio features named Trending Now or Trending Topics with a mix of breaking news, entertainment updates, fads, weird news, and so forth. A trending story benchmark can make your show topical. It can also open floodgates for a rush of weak content and stories that your audience already saw two hours ago on Instagram. It has […]


Do Benchmarks Still Work?

“Features and benchmarks are old-school radio. Why can’t we be more like unscripted podcasts and just shoot-the-s*#t?” Go down that road at your own peril. The best podcasts do have features and benchmarks that help distinguish them from an ever-expanding number of choices. Audio specialist, Steve Goldstein, Amplifi Media CEO says, “Every podcast needs something [...]

Free Speech and Cancel Culture

Reprinted with permission from MediaGigNow.com – with the right job right now for broadcast professionals. Occasionally, broadcasters and podcasters tell me they are anxious about cancel culture. Some worry they might get fired for stumbling into a politically incorrect landmine. Others complain, “people are just looking to be offended,” or “you can’t say anything anymore.” My advice? Stop [...]

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