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  • "I can't stand Randy Lane.  He can teach a morning show in just days what took me over 25 years of mornings to learn.  Thanks a lot, Randy.  Where were you in 1985 when I needed you? Randy understands that perfect blend of science, art and pure fun of morning radio.”

    Dave Ryan
    Dave Ryan Morning Show Host, KDWB, Minneapolis
  • “Jeff McHugh working with The Randy Lane Company…shut the front door and turn up the radio!  Because that’s the spontaneous reaction that will happen with any show Jeff consults– the urge to turn it up, leave it on, and listen intently. Jeff has this unique ability to work with, and get through, to any talent no matter their experience or initial level of receptiveness. He gets into their heads and hearts, and helps them be the best voice they can be. He knows radio, and he knows people– a powerful combination. He doesn’t create radio magic; he creates life magic on the air.”

    Erin Hubert
    Erin Hubert Market Manager, Entercom, Portland
  • "Randy Lane is a wise and knowing sage whose guidance helped make me America's 9th most-popular late night talk show host."

    Jimmy Kimmel
    Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • "If I never was able to speak to you or see you again and all I got from you was this monthly review, you’re still worth DOUBLE the money. No kidding. Fresh perspective, great ideas and provocative analysis. Thanks for all the time you put into it (and for being a morning show genius)."

    The late Kidd Kraddick
    The late Kidd Kraddick KHKS, Dallas 
  • “Randy…you were definitely a hit.  Really appreciate you helping us out.”

    Pat Paxton
    Pat Paxton Entercom
  • “He asked me who was the best talent coach in the business, and I told him there is only one: Randy Lane.”

    Paul Castronovo
    Paul Castronovo Paul & Young Ron, The Big 105.9, Miami
  • "When I was coming up in the broadcasting business, Randy was a tremendous resource to me. He helped me hone my on-air skills. He was incredibly generous with his advice and was very supportive, which was invaluable. He definitely helped me get to the next level."

    Ryan Seacrest
    Ryan Seacrest TV/radio host and producer
  • "Randy and his crew have a fantastic blend of art and science. The game is won on talent but becomes durable with great execution. Randy gets that and importantly has a terrific style communicating with air personalities."

    Steven J Goldstein
    Steven J Goldstein Executive Vice President, Saga Communications
  • “No one I worked with in the past ever tried to help me define my brand, but that changed once I started working with Jeff. Your brand begins with who you are, but unless you have someone like Jeff to help you figure out what you should highlight, you’ll just keep spinning your wheels and never grow into what you could be.”

    Tessa Hall
    Tessa Hall DC 101, Washington, DC
  • “Working with Jeff McHugh stepped up our game. He was helpful in getting us a better understanding of PPM. And he got us to really look at our show from the listeners’ side of the radio. Also in the age of social media, Jeff got us a work flow that maximizes our time so we can do great radio. Jeff gets it and more importantly he gets us!"

    Tony Scott
    Tony Scott The Tony Scott Show with Tammie Holland, KMJM, St Louis

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