Talent Coaching

We coach and develop radio and television shows and personalities. Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan Seacrest, Carson Daly and hundreds of other top personalities have been coached by The Randy Lane Company. The RLC method begins with a workshop to evaluate your show and personalities with respect to Content, Character Definition and Execution.

Media Training

The Randy Lane Company Media Training Workshop will help you get your message across in media interviews. You will learn:

  • How to construct your message so that it cuts through in an interview
  • How to deliver your message so that it sticks with listeners, viewers and readers
  • Effective body language on camera

Public Speaking

The Presentation Skills Workshop will immediately improve your speaking skills and confidence whether your audience is in a board room or on stage in front of thousands. The agenda includes:

  • PowerPoint and Keynote performance techniques: Stories, slides, bullet points, etc.
  • Preparation: Organizing your points to attract and hold the audience's attention
  • Personality: Vocal dynamics, body language, pacing

Define Your Personality Brand

You are a personality brand! Today, media personalities, business professionals, entrepreneurs, sports figures are all personality brands. You will learn how to define your personality brand across all platforms including on-air, online and on-stage. We will help you craft your brand message based on what you stand for, what are you known for or want to be known for.

Content Ideas

Sign up for the Randy Lane Company newsletter Content Ideas. It contains ideas for your show or presentation as well as articles on the creative process and personal growth to sharpen your game.

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