Think The Randy Lane Company is just for top market talent? Think again.

We have solutions for all budgets.

One-Time Show Evaluation

Perfect for those who are looking for an aircheck review. Propel your show to a higher level with an analysis of content, execution and character development in a one-hour coaching session.

In-Person Strategic Workshop

The two-day workshop puts your show under a microscope. Day one is designed to address brand strategy, and the second day focuses on applying breakthrough tactics.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Define or refine the show’s brand, and target audience
  • Identify the show’s marketing life cycle and the priorities for that cycle
  • Define each player’s role and character
  • Evaluate the show’s content and execution
  • Conduct a Content Mapping exercise
  • Review time-spent-listening and teasing techniques
  • Summarize the most effective group and individual show planning practices
  • Outline the preparation and execution of storytelling for radio and podcasting

Ongoing Talent Coaching

Get coaching from the talent coaches who have directed Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan Seacrest, Carson Daly, The Bert Show, Toucher & Rich and scores of other top media personalities.

The talent coaching process is initiated with a two-day workshop to set or reset the foundation for the show. You receive a written summary of the workshop that is followed by this curriculum:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly conference calls to evaluate show audio, monitor progress, stay focused on priority points, brainstorm ideas, and play examples of audio to illustrate coaching points.
  • We will score the show in writing using the RLC Show Progress Report rubric to evaluate the show regarding Content, Character Definition, and Execution to measure progress at every four to six months.
  • Content Ideas, the RLC newsletter that includes content ideas, phone topics, feature ideas, stunts, audio examples, and links is e-mailed to you weekly.
  • Unlimited access to everyone on our team for questions, show issues, and brainstorming.
  • Access to the RLC Vault, an exclusive for clients only. The RLC Vault includes everything we have written about radio and TV shows and the creative process over the past twenty years.

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