About Jeff McHugh

As a young student at business school in 1982, Jeff McHugh returned home one weekend to his parents raving excitedly about his new, unpaid internship at a local daytime AM radio station. As Jeff left the room, Dad turned to Mom and said, “I think the boy’s found what he wants to do.”

Jeff is known for developing remarkable talent for both morning and afternoon drive. He brings an uncommon mix of positivity, creativity and strategy to the shows that he coaches.

Jeff created the top-rated “Daria, Mitch and Ted Show” on KRSK afternoon drive, featuring both Portland’s first female-led drive time show and the city’s first openly gay air personality.

He coached Atlanta’s “Steve and Vikki” at B 98.5 in Atlanta, had decade-long relationships with Jack Murphy at WKZL and “Two Guys Named Chris” at WKRR in Greensboro, and worked with “Mason And Remy” at 937 The Bull in St Louis, who were named Best Morning Show in 2012 by St. Louis Magazine. Jeff also worked with urban AC legends Tony Scott and Tammie Holland at KMJM St Louis and with “Nelson And Terry” at KRSK Portland.

With a degree in Marketing from the University Of North Carolina, Jeff has gone on to complete courses at The Babcock School Of Management at Wake Forest University, The Center For Creative Leadership and The Landmark Forum. He has a research certificate in focus group moderation from RIVA in Washington DC and has taken the certificate program for Internet Marketing at Emory University.

Jeff served as VP Marketing for the American Marketing Association, worked on the Board Of Directors for the Music Academy Of North Carolina and has worked outside of radio with lululemon athletica, a fitness wear company based in Vancouver, BC where he directed regional fitness events and social media.

Jeff’s infamous Sunday dinner parties in downtown Portland have been covered in the Oregonian newspaper. He’s dabbled in stand-up comedy, screenwriting, and improv and lived to tell about it. Jeff is a serious athlete, running half-marathons four times a year, participating in CrossFit and practicing all forms of yoga including that really difficult 90-minute, 105 degree Bikram Yoga.

What others say about Jeff

  • “After working with 258 different consultants throughout my career, I can honestly say that Jeff was the guy who impressed me most. He has a sixth sense of being able to reach inside you and your morning show crew and bring forth your real character and make you a better performer. Jeff doesn’t consult as much as he molds himself to your show and figures out your needs…insightful, topical, and will make you more creative than you ever thought you could be. He may dress funny, but he’s good.”

    Steve McCoy
    Steve McCoy Star 94, B 98.5, Atlanta
  • “Jeff McHugh working with The Randy Lane Company…shut the front door and turn up the radio!  Because that’s the spontaneous reaction that will happen with any show Jeff consults– the urge to turn it up, leave it on, and listen intently. Jeff has this unique ability to work with, and get through, to any talent no matter their experience or initial level of receptiveness. He gets into their heads and hearts, and helps them be the best voice they can be. He knows radio, and he knows people– a powerful combination. He doesn’t create radio magic; he creates life magic on the air.”

    Erin Hubert
    Erin Hubert Market Manager, Entercom, Portland
  • “Working with Jeff McHugh stepped up our game. He was helpful in getting us a better understanding of PPM. And he got us to really look at our show from the listeners’ side of the radio. Also in the age of social media, Jeff got us a work flow that maximizes our time so we can do great radio. Jeff gets it and more importantly he gets us!"

    Tony Scott
    Tony Scott The Tony Scott Show with Tammie Holland, KMJM, St Louis
  • “No one I worked with in the past ever tried to help me define my brand, but that changed once I started working with Jeff. Your brand begins with who you are, but unless you have someone like Jeff to help you figure out what you should highlight, you’ll just keep spinning your wheels and never grow into what you could be.”

    Tessa Hall
    Tessa Hall DC 101, Washington, DC
  • “Jeff is a wonderful coach because he truly appreciates the talent. He understands that a brand new show takes time to develop and he gives talent the opportunity to experiment and to sometimes fail all while finding each player’s strengths. Jeff is incredibly optimistic and supportive and has an amazing ability to give you the courage to be your best.”

    Mitch Elliott
    Mitch Elliott The Daria, Mitch, and Ted Show, KRSK, Portland
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