Video Tip of the Week – Go Live for Breaking News

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The musician Prince passed away unexpectedly last Thursday, leaving the world stunned. Within a few hours most radio stations reported the news, but a few took it further by streaming the news online.

Here are some ways to utilize streaming video for a breaking story:

Go on location. The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show was close enough to Paisley Park, where Prince’s estate was located, to go themselves and stream as the news was coming in. If you are not in the area of the breaking story, reach out to as many contacts as possible and see if you can get someone there to go live in your place.


Click on the picture to view the video.

Interview people close to the story. Find people involved in the news, superfans, or anyone in your area that has an inside scoop or opinion.

Stream the host breaking the news on air. Don’t forget to stream calls coming in, and make sure to show the genuine reaction of the talent to the more emotional stories.

Get personal. MyFM in Los Angeles hosts Valentine and Jill streamed themselves listening to Prince’s music and sharing their favorite memories.


Click on the picture to view the video.


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