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Do you notice yourself becoming angry when you watch politicians yelling angrily at each other?

Monkey see, monkey do. Neuroscience proves that human beings mirror each other’s thoughts and emotions.

Whether you are a podcast host or a presenter at a podium, your tone, body language and choice of words instantly affect the mood and emotions of everyone who is in contact with you.

If everyone on your show is laughing, your audience will involuntarily laugh along. If everyone on your show is anxious about company layoffs, the audience senses that in the same way.

In equal measure, you are changed by the mood of the people that you encounter.  It is important to choose carefully who you socialize with, work with, and what news and entertainment content you consume.

Read “A Neuroscientist Who Studies Decision-Making Reveals The Most Important Choice You Can Make,” by Chris Weller at for a deeper understanding of how important your inner self is to your content, your audience, and to your coworkers. It also addresses how important it is to expose yourself to only the people who you want to emulate.

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