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Listening to radio on mobile devices, computers, smart speakers, and smart TVs continues to gain momentum. We advise clients to promote how to access their stations and shows on these devices especially while many people continue to work remotely. Also, morning cume is still well below pre-Covid levels in many markets.

However, since most listening is still taking place on FM and AM radios, it’s a good strategy to continue highlighting your frequency and station name as well. Having a traditional radio in the home is not only a convenience, it’s a must-have during power outages and natural disasters.

DMR/Interactive President and COO Andrew Curran makes the case for stations to encourage listeners to buy from a modern array of new multi-use radios.

Randy Lane

Although Amazon Prime Day was delayed this summer, it will serve as the kick-off to holiday shopping on October 13th.

As we continue to promote smart speakers, let’s not overlook highlighting the devices that continue to drive 90-95% of all measured listening.

If you haven’t been in the market for an actual radio in a while, you’ll be inspired by the innovation and modern designs. Just as radios have traditionally been bundled with cassette and CD players, today’s radios come with Bluetooth speakers and charging stations for your phone.

Here are three of our favorites: iBox DawnSoundance and the HD Sound and Bass.

Heading into Prime Day, let’s leverage on-air, station email marketing and social media to encourage radio listeners to buy a radio for their “temporary” home office or to upgrade their old radio at-work and add some normalcy to the work day that everyone can enjoy. It’s an opportunity we can’t afford to miss.

By Andrew Curran

Photo by Rayan Almuslem on Unsplash

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