What Did You Get Stuck Where?

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SETUPFrom Studio Think Tank – Who got a body part, motor vehicle, or something else stuck and could not remove it?

In Minneapolis, Dave Ryan at KDWB writes, “Great topic that most people can relate to or have a story about.

You can take any kind of calls, including the ones about getting a quarter stuck in their nose or a bean stuck in their ear, but those aren’t always the best. Body parts and heads and fences and bottles were great.

The best are the ones where a body part got stuck in something, like a girl who tried to see if she could crawl in between the legs and struts of a barstool and got stuck and had to wait for her mom to come home and free her.

The best was a woman who was driving a school bus and tried to go into a parking garage and got stuck. She was 20, her first job, and driving a short bus and totally got stuck.”

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