Why An Improv Class Should Be On Your To-Do List

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The idea of an improv class most likely makes you cringe.  “I don’t want to look stupid,” you say.   “I can’t think that fast.”  “I’m not a comedian.”  “I don’t have time.”

Imagine your company sending you off to a marketing seminar only to find out that there’s an improv coach there guiding you through exercises before and after every morning and afternoon session.  Gulp. 

That’s what happened to me several years ago when I was PD at KYSR/Los Angeles.  My heart started racing.  My palms were sweaty.

And yet by the end of two days, we were jumping up one at a time in front of the group, making up a poem on the spot. It was something I never thought I could (or would want) to do.  But I did it (and it was OK!). The breakthrough was so impactful that I brought that same coach in to guide our whole air staff in four sessions together.

Here’s what taking an improv class can do for you:
1. Improve your active listening skills by being forced into the present moment
2. Boost your confidence by getting past self-consciousness and fear of looking stupid
3. Hone your creative thinking
4. Refine your brainstorming
5. Get you out of your comfort zone

You might consider including the whole team, which will benefit you even more by improving your team rapport, trust and support of one another.
Improv is not the thing that most of us think is going to change our life or make us better at our job.  Not only will it do those things, it will make you laugh.  A lot.  And laughing a lot is always a good thing.

-Angela Perelli


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