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Just a quick note about a great barter service that should be on your radar screen for P1 feedback.  If you are in the U.S. it’s called Listener Survey ( and in Canada it’s called Media Score (  With this great app,  you can research your songs, your morning show, or promotions and it doesn’t cost a lot of money or inventory. 

The service is available for barter, typically 1-2 minutes of commercials a day depending on your market size.
So often radio companies are short changing research budgets and many ways, researching P1s can be even more effective than traditional auditorium music tests or weekly call outs.   When set-up properly (and The Randy Lane Company can help make sure you are), the feedback you get from P1 listeners can be very valuable.
Research companies will frequently discourage focusing research on just a station’s P1s.  The reasoning is that making the station “too narrow” by focusing on a smaller group of listeners isn’t a good strategy.  Research companies have an incentive to discourage P1 research via random phone recruitment since recruiting station cumers is much easier for them than getting a room full of your station’s fans.
The feedback you get from Listener Survey is based on your loyal listener database and there is a neat Facebook tab for easy access to your Facebook fans.  This feedback is clearly from active listeners who may be ahead of the curve when compared to listeners who aren’t P1s or motivated enough to take 10 minutes to rate 40 songs. 
It’s wise to keep the burn numbers and familiarity scores you see from this research in perspective when making changes to your rotations.  The great thing about researching P1s is they do so much of your station’s listening; frequently 80% or better.  So getting regular feedback from this group can give you insight into better music rotations, morning show bits that work or don’t with station fans, or promotional ideas that cut through or don’t with your heaviest listeners.
It’s worth checking out. 

-Stan Main


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