Keep Your Station Top Of Mind During The Lazy Days Of Summer

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Memorial Day has passed, and those “lazy, hazy days of Summer” are upon us.  If your show has said that on the air this week, most Moms listening were probably thinking, “Yeah, maybe for you, but not for me.” 

In some areas, Moms were booking Vacation Beach rentals back in February, and the last 6 weeks have been about finalizing camp registrations, getting their kids “physicals,” and gearing up to execute their Family’s Summer Schedule for the next 10-12 weeks.  It might include camps, beach trips, family reunions, swim team, Vacation Bible School, and more.   So how can your show stay connected so that when Mom turns on the radio, you sound “tuned-in” to the Summer Mode their lives shift into?

Ask.  Listeners love to help.  Have the “new person in town” (cast member/office staffer or use a caller) ask what to do with their kids.   Let the audience guide you and then use your website to create links to some of the winning ideas in your area.  Be a facilitator of Help!

Happy Camper of the Day. In addition to traditional Summer Camps your show can help tell folks what are the specialty camps in your area.  Many sports specific camps exist, as well as music, dance, and cheerleading.  How can your show help the camps tell their stories on-air, or online?  Is there a sales opportunity, a Camp of the Day?  A Camp Counselor of the Day?  Or even better-  Salute a Young Listener who is the Happy Camper of the Day. 

Beach Getaways.  With the soft economy, have your show partner with a tourism board to give away a rental week at the Beach, to help families who couldn’t afford to go on vacation get their “Toes in The Sand.”  And wear it out.  Have the local tourism board spokesperson take them to all the family fun spots, and have Mom blog and post photos.  Show the putt putt games, and Dad getting buried in the sand.  Let people see the joy your show (and the tourism board) provided.

Stay-Cations are here to stay.  So where are the local “getaways” that the locals don’t take enough advantage of?  Historic sites?  National Parks?  Can a show cast member be a “guide for a day?”  Can it be turned into a Video Blog?

How can you stay top of mind while your listener is out of town?
Partner with a regional gas station to give away gas cards to help your listeners “Reach their ‘Rest’-ination.”  Make the cards a solid amount that covers where your audience goes.   A $100 gas card might get them half way there, be aware, and don’t skimp if you can.  Maybe a Cracker Barrel, Tim Hortons, IHOP, or Chik-Fil-A could be the “Official Family Pit-Stop” of your Morning Show.

Honorary Clark Griswald.  Find your listeners who are doing a quirky Family Summer Vacation, e.g.: Winnebago to Yosemite.  See 30 ballgames, in 30 Ballparks, etc.  Send them off with Station Swag and have them take pictures of your station logo in the most creative places.  Have them submit pics, vblogs, and your audience can enjoy their trip through your station’s website.  Make it a contest to see who can take your logo the most miles.  Winner could get  “The Q109 Honorary Clark W. Griswald Award-Best Summer Vacation Road Trip 2011 Trophy.”

Swim Team.  Summer Swim Leagues are a big deal is certain areas. Wednesday Night or Saturday Morning Swim Meets are rites of passage.  Try to get the biggest swim teams (in your hot zips) on your Morning Show doing their cheers/or send a producer to their pools during the week (practices are in the morning) and get videos or the team cheers. (Be sure the producer gets tossed in on video).  They are fun and they will love your station for caring. 

Community Pools.  Life Guard of the Week.  Salute Community Pool Lifeguards.  Show ‘em the love, and they might be playing your station at the pool all Summer Long.

So remember the Moms have it all planned out, already.  Your show needs to have a plan, too.  Because Summer should be anything but lazy.  And it will be over fast.  So in 4 weeks, start brain storming with sales about how your show can help with “Back 2 School.”

-written by Brian Egan


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