How to Be A Good Spouse

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We love stories like this because they allow you to discuss your typical relationship content while giving it a topical, “today” spin.

A Utah Rep. Dixon Pitcher recently introduced a bill that would require would-be spouses to wait at least three days after obtaining a license before getting married, unless they took premarital training first. Wyoming introduced a similar bill. Other states have tried to pass legislation that would require counseling before couples could divorce.

There’s a movement to get people — with the help of teachers and counselors — to think before marrying or divorcing. Some high schools offer classes on relationships and marriage (including schools in Florida and South Dakota). Read more here.

Set Up Ideas:

  • What would you teach in a class like this? Take listener calls to create a list for what makes a good spouse (or what doesn’t).



  • Characterize the segment by having each player submit lessons or points. We learn about each person by what they choose to include. Listeners can then add to the lists.


  • Have each show player admit why they would fail if graded in their current relationship.


  • Get street audio: kids talking about what it means to be married; or go to a senior center and talk to really old people about the secret to marriage. Or talk to teenagers.


  • Should we be teaching teens how to be a good spouse? Or should schools focus on academics?

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