Parenting Topic: Teachers Cursing in Class

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If you can’t say that on television, than you shouldn’t say it in class. That’s the gist of a new bill proposed by a conservative Arizona lawmaker, Lori Klein. If she gets her way, teachers will be penalized for cursing in front of students. A slip-up could result in suspension, docked pay, and, even job loss. Read more here.

Set Up Ideas:

  • Do you agree with this bill? Should teachers be banned from cursing in school, or does that violate freedom of speech? Have one show player argue that if all radio air talent abide by this rule, teachers can too.


  • Does the age of the students matter? Should the ban be for teachers teaching kids under a certian age? What about college professors?


  • Did a teacher ever say or do anything inappropriate when you were in school? How did you react?

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