Zombie Races

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Have you heard about the zombie-infested 5K obstacle course race sweeping the US, kicking off in Atlanta March 3 and traveling through the end of the year through Massachusetts, Indiana, Minnesota, Texas, Colorado, Southern California, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Orlando? Seriously. You can pay money to be chased by zombies. If they pull off the three flags attached to your belt, you’re out. The person with the best time, that still has at least one belt remaining, wins. If they haven’t had a heart attack.

Set Up Ideas:

  • Consider giving away entries or trips for listeners to report back.
  • Send your stunt person.
  • Devise a bet among two players. Loser has to run with (from) the zombies.
  • Create your own local version of the zombie race.
  • Check it out here (at your own risk).

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