Topic Idea: What to Say About Someone’s Breast Implants

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From Eric Rowe, Executive Producer, Roula & Ryan, KRBE/Houston

This article describes the social dilemma of what to say when someone tells you they’ve had a boob job. The writer lists possible responses, and why they are all awkward:


  • “Oh well done, they look, er, great, did it hurt?”
  • “Wow your breasts look amazing” (possibly a bit lecherous)
  • “Can I have a feel?” (probably only appropriate for very close friends)
  • “Why? I didn’t think you needed one” (suggests your friend just wasted a few thousand dollars)
  • “Did your husband ask you to do it?” (possibly slightly bitter sounding)
  •  “If I’d had a few spare thousand I’d have had my kitchen re-done instead” (sounds a bit anti-boob job)
  • “Good for you” (sounds patronizing)

Set Up Ideas:

  • Ask listeners with breast implants to share the boob job etiquette rules people should know about.


  • Is it a myth that once you get them you don’t mind showing them off or letting people touch your chest? Discuss with listeners who call in.

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