Topic Idea: Eating the Placenta

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January Jones brought this controversial topic into the news this week when she admitted she ate her own placenta after giving birth as part of a healthy, post-natal regimen.

According to Jockline Daily, Free Beer of Free Beer & Hot Wings had his wife’s placenta ground into a pill, bringing it to work for other show players to ingest. (Congrats on baby Henry, Free Beer!) Watch the video here.

Set Up Ideas:

  • January Jones got a lot of backlash because her reasoning didn’t seem well-researched, but more as participation in a fad. Ask an expert (OB-GYN, mid-wife, etc.) to describe the health benefits, and whether this is something expectant moms should consider.


  • Look up placenta recipes, like Pepper & Dylan did (The Placenta Cookbook — yes, there’s a placenta cookbook) to enhance your discussion of ways to eat it (a recipe, a pill, fried up like pork rinds, etc.). Would you ever eat your own placenta, even if it’s good for you? Discuss.


  • Ask is there anyone listening who ate their placenta, or planned to but couldn’t?

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