The Avengers

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The movie is breaking records everywhere overseas and is poised for an explosive North American debut. Some are saying it might even be the biggest box office opening weekend ever.

Set Up Ideas:

  • Show prep — At least one player on your show needs to be part of the opening weekend excitement. 


  • Mediate a “nerd debate” among two avid fans to determine who the cooler superhero is: Iron Man or Captain America? This works best when at least one of the players on the show is a big fan of these movies. Other players on the show can either chime in on the debate or tease the “nerds” for being so passionate about something so ridiculous.


  • Have a funny character see the movie and do a movie review for you — a 10 year old boy, an elder relative of a show player; Jorge the cleaning guy.


  • Pull audio from the trailers to use in your entertainment reports on Monday to add dynamics to the story (if there is a story about the movie debuting so huge).


  • From the Virgin Morning Show in Calgary: Write a six word movie review.

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