Parenting Topic: Humiliating Punishment Dubbed “Diaper Duty”

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A Minnesota woman was arrested this week after shaving her daughter’s head and forcing her to pick up garbage and do windsprints wearing nothing but a tank top and a diaper. The mother allegedly imposed this punishment—which she dubbed “diaper duty”—because she wasn’t happy with the 12-year-old’s grades. Neighbors called police after seeing the girl outside crying and begging to be let back inside.

Read more here. This is the latest in a recent trend for parents using public humiliation as a discipline tool. Do you think these parents should be punished criminally for disciplining their daughter in this manner?

Set Up Ideas:

  • Take a serious angle and talk to a parenting expert about appropriate punishments.
  • For edgier shows, use this punishment as the task for the loser of a bet.

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