Rock Topic Idea: Signs You Might Suck In Bed

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This article called “14 Signs You Might Be Bad in Bed” includes signs such as you hang around in sweatpants, your pre-sex routine takes longer than the sex, you act like it’s a favor, you’re insecure about your body.

Set Up Ideas:

  • Go around the room to find out which show player is the worst in bed.


  • Use these examples to set up a topic. Ask listeners to fill in the blank with other signs.


  • Add a “What Else” factor by recording audio of the pre-sex routine of one of your show players. This works well if someone on the show is known to have terrible “game”, or brags often about his or her success with the opposite sex. Kevin, Virginia and Jason at Wild 95.5/West Palm Beach, Syndicated did this and played it back on the air, making fun of Kevin’s lack of game with his own wife.

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