Listener Email: Dating A 30-Year-Old Virgin

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From Dave Ryan, KDWB/Minneapolis & RLC Talent Coach

I NEED SOME ADVICE!  I am a 30 some year old who has been married for 8 years and have 4 wonderful children… I am currently getting divorced, so I consider myself separated.  I have asked my soon to be ex husband to work things out, like seek counseling or be willing to try to change, cause I know that I am a very hard person to be with.  But after a few weeks of talking, my husband has called it quits….so I have had to live with it. 

This last weekend I connected with someone who I have known for for the past 5 years who is wonderful and has always been good to me.  Average looking guy with a great heart, great job, and willing to do almost everything for me, unlike my ex.  Well….there is one thing that I am definitely afraid of….he is 30 years old and is a VIRGIN!  When I first kinda started looking or considered myself to be dateable, I only wanted men that had children, or was divorced or currently separated….in this case this is the complete opposite.  Then to come find out he has never been on a date either…..what do I do !!!!!  I need some advice since I am separated, with 4 kids and had a lot of sex in the past…..and at all advice would be great!  Thanks so Much !!!!  Sarah from Minneapolis

[Set this up as your own email for a Group Therapy segment. Ask listeners: “Would you date a 30 year-old virgin?”.]

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