Topic Idea: People Who Like Beer Have Sex Sooner

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Men and women who like beer are 60 percent more likely to have sex in the early stages of the relationship, according to the founder of OK Cupid, who also happens to have concentrated in math at Harvard.

The data also uncovered that couples who answered identically to these three questions were most compatible for a long term relationship: 1) would it be fun to give up everything and live on a sailboat; 2) do you like horror movies; and 3) have you ever traveled alone in a foreign country. Read more here.

Set Up Ideas:

  • Do you think the four questions (beer, sailboat, horror movies, traveled alone) are good indicators for either short or long term love? Create questions you think would make better indicators.


  • Do you agree this survey is right that 60% of beer drinkers are more likely to have sex with you earlier in the relationship? Create a poll to conduct your own study.


  • Do you have a theory on what type of person someone is by the drink they order? What drinks turn you off when ordered on a first date? Discuss.


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