Topic Idea: Justify Bad Tipping

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From Dave Ryan, KDWB/Minneapolis & RLC Talent Coach

Tipping Etiquette: Is it rude to not tip at a place like Jimmy Johns? I [Dave] went to Yum, similar idea- you order at a register, and they bring it to you, but you don’t have a server.  I always feel like an ass when I don’t tip, but I never do at those places even though there’s a tip line on the receipt. The other day I left the pet groomer and realized I should probably tip.  I don’t want to be someone who doesn’t tip properly.

We’re taking calls from professions that will tell us whether they do or don’t expect a tip. Sure, they’d all love one, but the guy at the bagel shop?  No. We’re asking listeners to tell us honestly whether we should tip you, and how much is a good tip. We’ll then put The Dave Ryan Tipping Guide online to generate comments and web traffic.

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