Olympics Topic Idea: #NotAnOlympian

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Jimmy Fallon is collecting stories of uncoordinated athletes under the hashtag of #notanOlympian. He shared his own to kick it off:

Once in Little League I literally struck out on one pitch…I swung at it three times. #NotAnOlympian

And has gotten some funny responses, like:

  • whenever i attempt to do push ups i do like 5 then lay on the floor thinking about life #NotAnOlympian
  • In a middle school bball game, down by one point, my friend’s father yells “Pass the ball”. Got nervous and passed it to him. #NotAnOlympian
  • In 1st grade my parents put me in soccer and I’d just stand at the goal and sing show tunes. #NotAnOlympian

Use the Olympics as a vehicle to talk about your own embarrassing moments in sports and get listeners to chime in.

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