Topic Idea: Dorms for Students Who Own Guns

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The University of Colorado announced it is creating separate dorms for students who have permits to carry a concealed weapon. The university amended its policy after the Colorado Supreme Court upheld a ruling that struck down the university’s gun ban.

The policy would create housing at two of its campuses for students over 21 who have concealed-carry permits, though guns would be banned in dorms on the main sections of either campus and at athletic and cultural events. Read more here.

Set Up Ideas:

  • Why do you agree or disagree with this idea of college kids carrying concealed weapons on campus?


  • If you all disagree with this idea, (Isn’t Colorado where that guy shot up all those people in the movie theatre???) force someone on the show to take the Devil’s Advocate position, encouraging the idea of students on campus with guns. The more exaggerated and outrageous, the better.


  • Create a parody spot for the University of Colorado.


  • Create a list of other dorms you’d like to see for students with special interests: the gamer dorm; the bulimia dorm, the stoner dorm, etc.


  • If your child’s college allowed them to carry concealed weapons would you talk them out of going to school there? Or would you feel they would be much safer if something were to happen on campus?

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