Topic Idea: Most Hated Pet Names for Women

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It’s become one of the most common terms of endearment used by couples, but ‘Babe’ has been voted the most hated pet name for women.

‘Sweetcheeks’, ‘Snookums’ and ‘Muffin’ were also a definite no no, but terms such as ‘Gorgeous’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Lovely’ were considered acceptable.

Read the top 20 most hated and the top 20 acceptable pet names for women here.

Set Up Ideas:


  • Go around the room and share both your partner’s pet name for you, and your pet name for your partner. If there’s a story behind the name, share it.


  • Is the nickname you call your spouse behind their back different than the one you call to their face? (“Boss”, for example.) Ask listeners to share their “secret” names for their significant other.


  • Turn the list into a contest and see if listeners can guess what the number one most hated pet name is. (It’s so simple that it might be overlooked.)


  • How do you feel when strangers call you by pet names? For example, a waitress or waiter who calls you “honey” or “sweetie”. Is it obnoxious or endearing? Stephanie has a friend who swears that is a sign of low class.


  • Post on Facebook: “The most hated pet name for women is _______.” or “I hate it when my boyfriend or husband calls me _______.”


  • What “pet” names do men hate? For example, “pal” or “buddy”.

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