Topic Idea: Talking to Your Child About Pornography

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What’s the best way to talk to your son when you find porn on his computer? This question has been in the news this week after a Dad posted the letter he wrote to his son on Reddit. His letter contained tips for his 13-year-old son on how to look at internet porn without harming the computer.

Read the story here.

Set Up Ideas:

  • Was this Dad understanding and realistic, or irresponsible by recommending ways to search for porn without giving the computer a virus? Discuss.


  • Ask an expert (a child psychologist or family counselor) to explain the effects porn can have on young men on their future relationships and opinions of women. Or ask an expert what the appropriate response would be in this situation. Did this Dad do the right thing?


  • Has this happened to you as a parent? Or did you get caught looking at pornography as a kid? Share your stories, and how you or your parents handled the situation. (If you need a light hearted example, use this old one of Stephanie’s: when a friend’s Mom found his Playboy in high school, she drew clothes on the models and filled them in with a Sharpie, covering their bodies up… and she never said a word about it.)

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