Topic Idea: A Wedding Weirder Than This One

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500 couples fought to get married in an IKEA store. The winning couples said, “We wanted to get married in IKEA for a very simple reason — we adore it.”

Read the story here.

Setup Ideas:

  • Ask listeners: Is there anyone listening who was married in a non-traditional location? Give a prize to the listener who had a “weirder wedding than this one.”


  • Have you ever attended a “theme wedding” where the bride and groom,wedding party, and guests were dressed in attire for a specific theme (like zombies, or Star Wars)? Are these fun and representative of the bride and groom’s interests, or just tacky?


  • What is the wedding deal breaker that makes you think a wedding is tacky? For example, a cash bar, a DJ with smoke and lights. Ask listeners for their opinion. Post “A wedding is tacky if ________.” on Facebook.


  • Couponing and sweepstakes are hot topics now, so ask listeners: “What’s the strangest thing you have tried to win?”

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