Topic Idea: Threatened By Your Partner’s Ex

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The “National Enquirer”, which is as you know the most accurate of tabloids, reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship is being torn asunder by Tivo. Brad’s allegedly upset because Angelina is secretly recording episodes of her ex Jonny Lee Miller’s detective series “Elementary”.

She initially said she was curious to see Miller’s acting and how he had aged (and told Brad the show was so bad she couldn’t get through the first episode), but continued to tape the show behind his back. Read more here.

Setup Ideas:

  • Ask listeners: “Why are you threatened by your partner’s ex?” Go around the room and let each member of the show decide whether the listener should be threatened.


  • Are you threatened by your partner’s ex? Or curious? Have you Googled the exes? Discuss.


  • A friend of Stephanie’s told her she was relieved to see a picture of her boyfriend’s ex and discover that she is unattractive. Does an unattractive (or odd) ex question your partner’s taste, or just make you relax because your partner has “moved up” with you?


  • What characteristics make the ideal ex? For example, unattractive, lives far away, dead (that sounds bad, but it might be true for some!).

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