Thankful for Radio and The Chance to Be Part of Something Bigger

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By Brian Holt

Without a doubt the Thanksgiving holiday is my favorite time of year.

Between the short workweek, good food, time spent with family and friends, and Christmas and New Year’s still to look forward to — what’s not to like about Thanksgiving?

I’m actually one of those people who take time during this week to stop down and really take stock of what I have to be thankful for. Sure, it’s a cliché, but man it feels good. Thankful-Bigger-Quote.jpg

Do you remember why you got in to radio way back when? By chance was it so you could be a part of something bigger than yourself? Something so cool you knew touched so many people, in so many ways?

Perhaps this is a good time of year to remember that the reason you get up in the morning and work so hard in an often unforgiving environment is not only about hitting the perfect post, talking just to hear yourself talk, or waiting for those monthly numbers to come in.

Rather, you are blessed with the opportunity to keep the masses entertained, informed, and emotionally engaged in profound ways you are most times not even aware of. But in those moments when you are aware of “the gift,” doesn’t it feel so right? And for that we should all be thankful.
We recently had a horrific gun massacre in L.A., one that forever shattered and reshaped a family’s lives in a matter of moments. When the reports of the crime started coming in we knew instantly it was going to be a story that would require our attention.

But next, as we should, we asked: “how can we maximize this opportunity and if possible help along the way?” We simultaneously took the programming opportunity to inform by getting our reporter (if you do not have a newsroom, grab a local TV reporter) to provide our listeners with the very latest details of the story.

We worked hard to convince an immediate family member to take our listeners through a moment-by-moment first hand account of the tragedy. This helped to keep our audience emotionally engaged.

Then, we provided listeners with a way to connect and do something good by driving them to a donation fund set up. We gave them an easy way to donate food, clothes and toys. Listeners love to hear the love: Whether it’s you giving it to someone in need, or offering them a way to help — either way– your brand can’t lose.

I gotta tell ya, it’s times like these when I’m thankful for the chance to work in a business that can help the less fortunate.

Unfortunately, this isn’t just about the annual holiday toy drive. All year round there are plenty of similar opportunities in your community to use your gift to do good, to engage and to connect your listeners with their community.

Seize the moment when it makes sense. Remind yourself and your listeners why you’re in it…To be a part of something larger, and at times more important, than just staying on time, selling products and getting numbers.

Happy Thanksgiving.


About_Brian_Holt.jpgBrian Holt is the Executive Producer of KFI/Los Angeles and a Talent Coach for The Randy Lane Company. Learn more about him here.

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