Hey Radio, Are You Utilizing Snapchat?

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The number one question we get from our clients about social media is, “How the hell do we connect to our audience with Snapchat?” In a nano-second, Snapchat has become the darling of social media, especially with millennials.

Betsy Chase’s radio career started at sixteen at KROQ LA. After stints with Rick Dees at KIIS LA, Westwood One and MTV, she created the Emmy Award winning John Tesh Radio Show. Betsy is VP of TeshMedia focusing on content creation, brand integration and social media.

Betsy outlines several Snapchat suggestions to get you aboard this bullet train.


Hey Radio, Are You Utilizing Snapchat?
by Betsy Chase

Both “the youngs” and “the olds” are now Snapping!

New data shows that Snapchat has overtaken Twitter in popularity, with 150 million people using it every day. That’s 15 million more daily users than Twitter. I guess people can’t get enough of that doggie-licking selfie filter.

So why has radio been slow to adopt the platform for their audience? Snapchat users between the ages of 25 and 35 are expected to double in the next few years, while people ages 35 to 45 will increase by nearly 70 percent! (source: eMarketer)

Where’s your Snapchat Ghost Code, bro? I had to search and search to find Snapchat handles for some of the biggest radio personalities, shows, and stations. But listeners shouldn’t have to go beyond your station’s homepage to find your Snapchat Ghost Code.

Okay – so now your listeners know where to find you, what are they going to find? Here are a few ideas:

  • Tickets to giveaway? Send your street team to a secret location. Give hints via Snaps. First person to find your street team wins tix. And gets on your Snap Story.
  • Got a local restaurant as a sponsor for lunch? Snap your lunch from that location. Make it a story. You arrive – talk to the hot / sweet / unusual looking host/hostess. Ask the waiter what they recommend. Snap some customers. Listeners came down to join you? Snap ‘em.
  • Create a geo-filter for your event. Whether it’s a concert, listener party, or amusement park takeover, have people send you their snaps and feature them. Snapchat made changes this week allowing you to upload pictures from your camera roll to your Snap Story!
  •  Is your station hosting a concert? Giving away backstage passes? Make part of the prize a Snapchat takeover! Lucky listeners can share their behind-the-scenes experience.
  • Artist coming in? Snap their interview. Snap their beverage of choice. Snap them giving your call letters.  Do a face swap with your host.
  • Got a “word of the day” giveaway? Or song to listen for? Snap it.
  • Is it take your dog / kid to work day? Snap it. Make it a story. Interview the kids. Ask the staff about their dogs.
  • Doing weather and traffic? Snap it! Snap the computer map showing where the accident is. Snap out the station window to show the weather.

You get the gist. Have fun with Snapchat – it’s perfect for radio because it’s meant to be LIVE and PERSONAL!

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