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Recent studies conclude that people are feeling more disconnected and socially isolated. It’s understandable that listeners and viewers are connecting to shows that are based on humor and vulnerability. Why? Because these traits are relatable, and connection is everything.

Innovative television shows like The Kominsky Method on Netflix and Amazon’s Modern Love thrive on comedy, vulnerability, and authenticity. Highly popular radio shows like Howard Stern, The Bert Show, BJ and Migs are driven by these key emotions as well. Why again? Because people can relate, and relation connects us.
It’s all about connection.

Shows with a wide range of human emotion appeal to both male and female target audiences and to all age groups. If your target leans female, go heavier on vulnerability. Male targets like more humor. Both elements lead to character development, stories, and storylines that create tune-in over multiple days.

Humor and fun have always been leading attributes for morning shows on music stations. Humor is what listeners want in the morning. People have a desire to feel good and escape the endless political polarity and negative news.

The most effective humor comes up naturally in live conversations. A-level bits and sketches are effective devices to keep listeners smiling. However, running regular features like Late Night Highlights, SNL clips and excerpts from standup comedians keeps the comedy consistent.

Be sure to include interactive trivia games that invite listeners to play along. They are fun, often spontaneously funny, and highly popular.

To develop a meaningful relationship with listeners, we coach personalities to reveal their flaws and dilemmas which translates to vulnerability and humor. It’s harder for males to show emotion. Many of us were raised to be strong and not show emotion. The irony is that by demonstrating vulnerability, you become more relatable and likeable. All paths lead to connection.

If being vulnerable is difficult for you, start with self-deprecation. It’s one of the most popular forms of humor today and it increases your likability.

Here are some questions that could prompt entertaining vulnerability topics:

  • What are you conflicted about?
  • What do you regret?
  • What have you done or didn’t do that you wish you could do over?
  • What have you said or didn’t say that you wish you could do over?

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