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You would have to be doing a complete digital detox the past couple of weeks to not know that Queen Elizabeth II passed. The TV coverage alone was pervasive and repetitive.

Coverage on personality radio shows and podcasts varied from consistent updates to non-existent. Music station shows often grapple with whether to talk about and how to address huge national and international news stories. Examples include the Russian-Ukrainian war, Uvalde, and the Chris Rock slap.

On a coaching session this week with the DJ Walker Morning Show Stockton-Modesto, we did a post review on the show’s treatment of the queen’s death. We raised and answered several questions like:

  • Does the Country audience/life group care about British royalty?
  • Was it a news or pop culture story?
  • Did any of the three hosts have an interest in the story?
  • Are Harry and Megan more relevant to Americans than the queen?

We decided it was a pop culture story with interest to the Country life group and target. Cohost Jaimee was interested in the story from following William and Harry since they were toddlers.

Before devising a premise, The Randy Lane Company advises shows to banter around multiple approaches to any potential content topic. Ongoing stories pressure shows to develop various premises.

To model the queen story, let’s look at three potential approaches.

  1. There were many human stories like David Beckham skipping the VIP line and waiting with the public for thirteen hours to pay his respects.
  2. Several male-targeted shows like Bob and Tom took a comedic angle with parodies such as King Chuck.
  3. Some radio shows and podcasts discussed the controversy of rock stars knighted like Paul McCartney and Elton John while others like David Bowie declined.

Once you’ve chosen a direction, plan the execution by answering these four questions:

  1. Setup: How do we grab the audience’s attention within ten seconds?
  2. Exit: How will we end the segment with impact?
  3. Viewpoints: What’s each player’s point of view on the premise?
  4. What else: How can we give it more impact such as talking to a listener in the UK?

Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

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