Self-Talk and The Big Mo

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July 6, 2011
The most important conversation you’ll have today is the one you have with yourself. Negative self-talk, also referred to as your inner critic, is not only a buzz kill; it’s a momentum changer. It can quickly feed momentum in the wrong direction and make things go from bad to worse.

One of our clients recently spent four hours voice tracking a four hour show that included twelve songs per hour!

It started with him listening back to a track that “sucked.” He continued to re-cut line after line as his inner critic raged. The negative self-talk turned from “That break sucked!” to “I suck!” moving it from the performance to personal.

“Flip switch” is the term used in the Artist’s Way program.  When you catch your self-talk going negative, turn it around by thinking of something or someone that makes you happy. Spike O’Neil of the Bob Rivers Show in Seattle says, “I love hearing Best Of promos during our show when I’m having an off day. It turns me around and gets me back on my game.” Other examples of “flipswitching” include getting outside, turning on your favorite song, calling a friend or even doing a quick physical exercise.

Positive self-talk alone will not create success or positive momentum. It is however the first step toward getting your show off on a positive note or to turning around negative momentum.

A major morning host recently told me that he gives himself a pep talk before cracking the mic with self-talk like, “I am not going to suck on this interview.” Unfortunately, with statements like that, even though your intention is to be great, your attention is focused on sucking. Better to turn your dialogue around and say to yourself what you want to happen, not what you don’t want (e.g.: “This is going to be a killer interview!”).

The movie you’re watching in your mind also can sway momentum and performance. Athletes have used the visual technique of replaying a peak performance in their mind before a race or a pitch at the plate. When you notice your show’s momentum going south, switch the movie channel in your mind from “We Suck” to “We’re Funny!” See and hear your show clicking on all cylinders before you open the mic.

Become aware of your inner dialogue and movie. Flip the switch. Silence the critic. Get the “Big Mo” back on your side!

-written by Randy Lane


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