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I was just on the phone with another amazingly-talented, super-attractive and meticulously dressed Randy Lane client. “Dave,” you may be asking, “How do you know they were meticulously dressed if you were on the phone with them?”

Stop asking questions, it confuses me.

We had a really interesting discussion about the direction of their show. She was rightfully concerned about doing features that get a laugh at a listener’s expense. She went on to mention that her goal; the show’s goal, is to make the listeners feel valued, respected and appreciated.

Good for her.

Not enough morning shows think this way. There are too many shows (and radio stations for that matter!) whose first priority isn’t the listener. Nope, instead, some shows make it their priority to please the PD, suck up to the GM, hawk clients products and services for the sales department, or even to make the show entertaining for themselves.

It got me thinking about my show. I truly believe the main reason that my show has been on KDWB for 18 years is because of priorities, namely, making our listeners number one. Yes, even above our clients. Don’t get me wrong, clients are very important, but without happy, addicted listeners, we wouldn’t have too many clients. Keep the listeners happy and your clients will be ecstatic. Yes, even if it means saying no to a client who wants to be interviewed on the air about their wonderful new dating service.

Everything on our show is run through a filter of “Will the listeners like this?”  If we were offered an interview with say, Rick from Pawn Stars, I might be tempted to say “Yes, I LOVE that show and I love Rick!” because I really do.  But PPM shows that listeners leave in droves during C-List celebrity interviews, so I’d have to pass.

What is your priority? Hopefully it’s not meeting groupies, getting free concert tickets or having an outlet for your opinions. Make the listener your first priority every time and you’ll have a huge advantage over shows that don’t.

-written by Dave Ryan


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