Podcasting Tip: Think McRib

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The McRib. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. The Little Mermaid. These products whip us into a collective frenzy because of their limited availability. You snooze, you lose. Use that same concept around podcasting your hottest features to win in PPM.

Is your show known for a certain feature? A prank phone call, street stunt or relationship content? Do you want to increase website traffic and get PPM credit for your podcasts? Create a sense of urgency by making a specific benchmark podcast available only for a limited time.

The Roula & Ryan show does this with Roula and Ryan’s Roses by making this podcast available for 24 hours only.  Producer Eric Rowe says, “On Thursdays we get twelve to twenty thousand more hits than on any other day. The great thing about it is those people could be listening to it and sharing it with friends to spread the word about the segment. If they have the PPM, we will get morning show credit for it since the audio is encoded.” Rowe is convinced that this technique has contributed to the show’s ratings increase over the last year.

by Angela Perelli

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