Segment Idea: Hot Or Not?

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A girl posted her picture on asking people to comment truthfully on her looks. Some of the comments posted were:

  • Refreshingly Attractive
  • I think you look gorgeous, you have a beautiful smile =) Nice eyes too!
  • To be honest, you look normal. Not sexy, but also not ugly but it seems that the people who gave you those compliments are either desperate virgins or men with low standards. i’d recommend you to lose weight, and wear more expensive clothes. other than that you are fine, nice face etc.


Set Up Ideas:


  • Send a member of the show to the streets with pictures of listeners. Let people give their opinion on their looks and rate them on a scale 1-10. Have the listeners on-air reacting to the audio of how others rated their picture.


  • Find a listener willing to put their picture on your Facebook page or website for a few hours, and let listeners give their honest opinion. Read comments on-air and get the person’s reaction. Create serial content by setting it up with the listener on the first day, and then airing the public’s reactions the second day.


  • Send pictures of your morning show players with an intern to talk to people on the street. Don’t reveal that the pictures are those of the morning show and see what the public has to say.


  • Is there anybody listening who will admit they are ugly and they are fine with it?


Thanks to Eric Rowe, Executive Producer, Roula & Ryan, KRBE/Houston and owner of Radio ER for passing this along.

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