Swimsuit Skiing Competition

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From Dave Ryan, KDWB/Minneapolis

If you live anywhere there’s skiing, start planning now. Here are two ideas, one simple and one a little more involved.

SIMPLE: Sex sells on the website. Simple as that. Anytime we [The Dave Ryan Show] put up pictures of listeners wearing very little clothing, we get massive web hits. Get a decent prize, (cash, a ski or board package) and have listeners send in pictures of themselves in swimsuits while on their skis or boards, holding up a small sign with your call letters (to prove it’s them, not an image from the web).  Post them online for voting.

MORE INVOLVED: Host a night or a weekend afternoon out at a local ski hill. You can handle it however works best for you, but here are some ideas:

  • The event is two hours, with prize giveaways, etc. but for 1/2 hour, everyone takes off their ski clothes and skis in swimsuits.  This isn’t really that far-fetched if you live anywhere they do “Polar Plunges”.


  • Speaking of Polar Plunges, do it for charity! Anyone can take a run down the slope in their swimsuit just by paying X amount admission fee to charity. (Don’t make them ride up sitting nearly naked on a freezing metal chairlift, but let them change out at the top and relay their clothes back down to them.)


  • Have different categories and different prizes. Sexiest Skier (men’s and women’s division), Sexiest Boarder (men’s and women’s division), Fastest, smallest swimsuit, etc.

Remember it’s all about the photos for the website, so get several cameras out there!

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