A “Bum Tattoo” for Cash

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A New Zealand woman has come up with a novel way to raise money: Bid to have a permanent tattoo etched on her derriere. She plans to use the money (bidding was over $8,000 before it was closed) to recover from unemployment, to visit her mother in Australia, and to donate 20% to charity. Click here to read the story. Her ad is no longer visible on the New Zealand website (similar to eBay) but now there are several other similar ads listed.

Set Up Ideas:

  • Forbes and Friends, CJay 92/Calgary are soliciting for a listener who will get the show’s 35th anniversary logo tattooed on their derriere. Put your listeners’ loyalty to the test to see if any are willing to do the same.


  • Use this story to set up a phone topic: What would you do for $10,000? What would you never do regardless of the financial gain involved?

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