Seven Reasons We Love Kristen Bell this Week and You Should, Too

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You have probably seen this viral video of Kristen Bell on Ellen from earlier this week. (If not, read no farther. Watch it here. We’ll wait…)

At first glance, you might think she’s cute and a little odd with that sloth obsession of hers. But break down the segment and it’s a brilliant example of character and storytelling.

1. She hooks us in within 12 seconds. Her boyfriend is “getting her a birthday present that no one else will get in their lifetime.”  What could it be, you wonder.

2. She adds drama by slowing the story down with sensory details, “There was a knock at the door” and “I take the dogs to the back room.” Universal and relatable actions. Later she adds drama with the line, “My entire life has been waiting for this moment.” (We still don’t quite know what the moment is.)

3.  Her character is unique. A sloth obsession?  Who has a sloth obsession?

4. She takes a break in the action and develops her character. She has the leeway to do this now because we are engaged in her story – her birthday gift is unique, AND it’s at the door. Chances are, you are not tuning out now because you want to find out what happens. So, she has time to tell us more about her. She describes her tendency to cry when she’s really sad or really happy.

5. She adds dimension to the story and brings it to life with the video of her crying (a funny, vulnerable moment) and later the photo of her with the sloth.

6. She is vulnerable. She lets us see her cry — at home, on her bed, crying like a baby.

7. As if the story weren’t entertaining enough, Ellen seals the segment and our love of Kristen Bell by using the formula Dave Ryan calls “Vulnerability + Ridicule = Compassion.” Ellen could have gone all soft and taken the break into maudlin territory.

Watch it again now and notice how drawn into the story you are and how much you like Kristen Bell when you’re done. I personally have never seen any of her shows or movies, but I have to say that now, I’m a fan.


-by Angela Perelli


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