Topic Idea: Calling In Sick for Fat Days or Bad Hair Days

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According to The Daily Mail, some women have such self-esteem and body issues that they can’t even bring themselves to go to work. More than nine out ten women (92%) said they continually doubt their looks, and some admitted to calling in sick to work on ‘fat days’, because they couldn’t bear to see colleagues. The participants in the study admitted that “bad hair days” or “fat days” impacted on their performance at work, and 6% even admitted to even phoning in sick as a result.

Read more here, in this Grindstone article from Eric Rowe, Executive Producer, Roula & Ryan, KRBE/Houston.

Set Up Ideas


  • Ask listeners: “What unusual excuse have you called in “sick” for even though you were never sick?”


  • If you’ve ever suspected your co-host of playing hooky, ask them on-air to spill the truth.


  • Play a friendly prank on your Program Director. Do pre-production the day before by calling him or her, in tears, and explain that you feel “too fat” or that “your hair is too ugly” to come to work. Go on and on, and see if you receive anger or sympathy. Record the call to play back on-air when you discuss this topic.

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