At What Age Are Bikinis Appropriate?

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It’s summer, which means listeners are probably picking out bathing suits with their kids. The choice for mothers to go bikini or not when buying their daughter’s swimwear can spark family fights and controversy on the beach. Read the comments on this Mommyish poll for more angles.

Set Up Ideas

  • What age is appropriate for girls to wear a bikini? Does the style or cut of the suit matter? Discuss. Ask listeners to share their opinions on whether girls under 16 should wear bikinis.


  • Have female show players share their experiences picking out swimwear as a child or teen. This can be characterizing as you reveal whether your parents were strict, liberal, etc.


  • Explore other related spins on beach attire: Should babies be naked on the beach? Read about the controversy on this here. Should Moms go topless at the beach? Depending on where you live, topless may be an option.

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