Summer Turn-Offs for Women

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What do guys do in the summertime to turn women off?

He gets a “farmer tan” — You know it when you see it: tan or red-tinged arms from right above the elbow to the wrist, tan neck and face … and pale everywhere else.

He turns into a crazy baseball freak — Yelling at the TV, constantly having on ESPN radio when driving anywhere really doesn’t do it for the lady.

He breaks out the mandals — Men deserve to keep their dogs cool in the summer, but those weird, brown leather, woven, clunky mandals are, well, just ugly. And get a pedi, dude!

He makes some odd hat choices — Caps are fine. What about fishing hats, cowboy hats or fedoras? Can every man pull them off?

He dons a Speedo — Unless a man is competing in a swim meet, Speedos should not be worn. Really.

Setup Ideas

  • What turns you off in the summertime? Come up with more summer deal breakers.
  • What about turn offs that women do?

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