Topic Idea: How To Catch Your Crush’s Attention

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From Eric Rowe, Executive Producer, Roula & Ryan, KRBE/Houston

This article describes a girl who is making a mixed CD where every track will be Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up.” The catch, however, is that the track list going with the CD will be some well thought out soundtrack that won’t include the song.

She hopes to give it to this guy she’s very much smitten with at the moment. It’s all in good humor, though she hopes that will drive the point home in regards to her interest in him. What better way to attempt to win someone over than through sharing a laugh?

We’ve all probably done some questionable, crazy, weird, silly things to get our crushes to notice us or to show we have an interest in them.

Set Up Ideas:

  • What are some out of the ordinary things someone has done to catch your attention? And did it work? Or what did you do to catch your crush’s attention or to show a love interest you’re into them? (Pick one of those angles, not both, to start out so the set up is clear.)


  • What are some surefire ways to catch a crush’s attention? This angle works well if one of the players or a caller is single and looking for advice.


  • Is it normal or completely wrong to be married and have a crush on someone even if you don’t act on the crush?

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